Life At M.P.S School

The M. P. Shah English High School imparts Pre-Primary education to toddlers who want to learn to spread their wings and fly.

  • We aim at fostering a happy and productive teaching-learning environment.
  • The school provides a culturally sound environment for the children and instills the right values to help them grow both mentally and physically.
  • An integrated approach is followed with age-appropriate pedagogies of teaching-learning (play-based learning, direct hands-on experience with people, objects, events, and ideas to acquire a global outlook) and the curriculum aiming for holistic development.
  • The little ones are exposed to theme-based instructions that result in the development of imagination, observation, and communication.
  • Primary education is the incubator for the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators. The educators of M. P. Shah English High School take up the challenge of preparing the young minds to use their knowledge in the competitive world, self-development, and able to develop their social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills.

  • The curriculum in Primary schooling is arranged according to the fourfold interests of a child – in conversation, inquiry, construction and expression.
  • Students in the Primary section engage themselves by participating in various activities that bring out the talent in them.
  • Teaching goes beyond textbooks, field trips, participation in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities, participation in inter-house and inter-school competitions, keeping pace with the current affairs.
  • Smart Start Programmes like “Sustainable Development Goals, Coding, Robotics” has been designed to introduce our children to keep them in time with the global world.
  • We at M. P. Shah focus on activity-based learning rather than rote learning and try to make students feel happy and enjoyable as they learn. They do not feel school is monotony and hence enjoy coming to school with smiling faces and with a hope of learning something new each day.

    Secondary education is an important segment in every person’s life. It is a link between elementary and higher education. It aims at developing ideal democratic citizens of the country and improving the vocational efficiency of its future citizens.

  • The students of M. P. Shah are well trained to face the competitive world. It is our constant endeavor to provide quality education.
  • M. P. Shah English High School conducts a series of Holistic learning activities for the students of the secondary section.
  • STEM-based curriculum which integrates the four disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Vocational courses like Coding- Which is the trend in computer programming skills, electrical switchboard assembling, culinary, needlework, etc.
  • Outstation field trips to give students first-hand experience on the topics taught.
  • Inter-house and Inter school competitions are held throughout the year giving the students a platform to help them showcase their talents.
  • “Assessment is today’s means of modifying tomorrow’s instruction” Aligning with this ideology, we follow a well-defined formative as well as summative assessment pattern throughout the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Section. Thus fulfilling the motto of our school – “Learn today, Lead tomorrow”