About M.P.S

Education is defined as the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. Our school M.P.Shah English High School has grown leaps and bounds from the time the foundation was laid by Mahatma Gandhi in 1981 till date, brick by brick growing in structure, facilities as well as education. In our endeavor to provide quality education, M.P.Shah English High School, under the guidance and support of Principal Dr. Sujata S. Rai and the Management, continues to strive towards innovation and the latest practices in the field of Education.

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A Tree Planted By Mahatma Gandhi During Bhoomi Pujan


Smt Meena Sunandan Divatia


Dear Parents and Guardians,

“Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.” – John Dewy.

M.P. Shah English High School has been making its history, providing quality education with commitment, creating an atmosphere conducive to character formation with moral, ethical and spiritual values and holistic education enriched by the knowledge of Indian Culture, a feeling of Patriotism and a Universal outlook. We strongly believe in three principles: Knowledge is Power, Patriotism and Good Human Being.

Our motto ‘Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow’ is our guiding force. We remain committed to our endeavour to prepare young students to become global citizens.

M.P. Shah English High School’s academic programme aims to encourage a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and discovery with an innovative, enquiry-based cross-curricular approach. The classroom culture refers to the reality of the outside world that is knit together by human relationships. We have pioneered the teaching of Sanskrit in our school to propagate and promote Sanskrit learning as Sanskrit is the language from which major Indian languages have evolved and provides the theoretical foundation of ancient sciences.

Sports and other co-curricular activities supplement the academic life of students. Here, education is not merely bringing out the best in the child but instilling a drive towards self-improvement by stretching talents and abilities in every field.

Our co-curricular programme offers a whole range of activities and experiences, including those in some of the following areas: Music, sport, physical education, yoga, computer education, art, library, value education, creative writing, general knowledge, drama, dance, cultural events, national celebrations, community service, community volunteering, national trips, Model United Nations, and lectures from visiting speakers. The school also has a hobby period where children can choose from karate, skating, western and Indian dance, keyboard, etc. There are plenty of ways for pupils to try something new, extend their enthusiasm and develop lifelong interests.

Once at M.P. Shah English High School, your child can trial for a place in each of our sports squads such as throw-ball, volleyball, football, cricket, tennis, kabaddi, kho-kho, chess, carrom and athletics. We provide opportunities for as many students as possible to play competitive sports against other schools and clubs.

We provide students with the skills they need to thrive in the modern world: personal, social, health education lessons and personal development skills sessions, which focus on online safety, study skills, positive mental well-being, financial management, entrepreneurship, business and knowledge of professional skills. We offer an exciting selection of short vocational courses to students, focusing on careers like electricity, plumbing, robot making, carpentry, and other fields.

The successive heads of this institution have been inspirational, empowering the faculty to accompany the students. The students, empower through the School Parliament of self-governance at their level. They create an environment as a family, a home away from school.

May God’s blessings sustain M.P. Shah English High School on the path of further progress as it strives for greater heights of success.

Dr Sujata S. Rai


Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for choosing M.P. Shah English High School for your child. Our school takes pride in not only imparting knowledge but also working for the holistic development of your child.

M.P. Shah English High School is the living embodiment of the Gandhian principals and abides by them on every step it takes to mentally develop and shape your child.

We believe that choosing a school is like choosing a second home for your child, and you can be at ease knowing that M.P. Shah English High School is an idealistic family of teachers and faculty.

We welcome you to the large school family which comprises of the teachers, pupils and parents/guardians of M.P. Shah English High School. Our hope is that while your child is with he/she will develop into a mature, happy, responsible young adult who is prepared to face the future with poise confidence.