Stepping stones to success:

Vile Parle is a hub of trading activities, busy, crowded, ‘no time to stand and stare’. It is populated with thousands of people. Sarojini Road in Parle is again one of the busiest road, but here you will find one of the oldest structure of pre-independent period. Many commuter on their way to work don’t give it a second glance. This building is none other than Bhagini Seva Mandir Kumarika Stree Mandal!!! The foundation was laid by Late Shri M. K. Gandhiji in 1929 with the motto of upliftment of women and children.

M. P. Shah came up or rather was established in 1981 with the urgent need and demand of English Medium School to keep a pace with the dynamic society. Even many of the present pupil do not know much about the institution and how lucky they are to be here. Some of our students, parents and grandparents were studying in this institution. It is quite an honour to let me fill on some prime history of M. P. Shah English High School.

It was founded in the year 1981 based on Gandhian vision. It valued the development of women, children and their amalgamation in the society as a whole character formation was done. It is this principle that has been an ideal before the staff and the students. Humanism and services toward society was the values that the M. P. Shah English High School family will constantly serve for.

In the modern sense the school has changed tremendously. The Management and the Principal has played a key role in this. They are the impact giver to this present scenario.

The school has changed in its physical structure. From renovating the science laboratory, computer lab to changing the ambience of the class rooms, making it more student friendly. The other changes yet to come, ranging from library; playground and many more auditorium, elevators and many more … The list is endless.

A very big Thank you to the Management and the Principal.

Now our school will be host of many competition to come. All the students will be treated as having creative abilities as everyone is special.

The alumni and the students’ community will probably say “It is my school’ I am because of my school. I salute my school for all the love and guidance provided to me.

Science Epitomizes Progress But At What Cost? ‘Science ……………. never solves a problem without creating ten more’.

George Bernard Shaw The journey of mankind has been a voyage in the pursuit of satisfying his needs and wants. Ever since the advent of man in the universe, he has constantly strived in the pursuit to satiate his need and in this process conducted a number of experiments without realizing its consequences.

To satisfy his hunger, he hunted animals. With the necessity of protecting his body from the scourging heat and the inclemency’s of weather, he used fur and skin of animals. But no sooner had one need been satisfied then it gave birth to a whole plethora of other needs.

Out of his curiosity and desire for a civilization, he relentlessly explored new dimensions in all sphere of his life. Then it can be language, art, music, drawing, painting, literature or architecture.

The last century of the millennium has seen man make gigantic stride in the field of science and technology. After industrial revolution, the world picture changed. Green Revolution revolutionized agriculture, irrigation facilities and water management. A whole new tool of communication system developed with the launching of artificial satellite. The electronic media, televisions, telephones, mobiles and not to forget Charles Babbage invention of Computers. With the coming of internet all the medium of communications were integrated. The world went digital.

Gone are the days when man anxiously waited for the news of his near and dear ones, he can cross continents in a flick of a second. The world is a Global village for him. Progress was seen in transportation too, cobbled roads, railways, metros, monorails, ships, submarines, airplanes, jet planes, fighter planes - the list can be endless.

Man has invented many new medicines that have helped in the longevity of human life. Now he is not at the mercy of dreadful and incurable diseases or any epidemics. Many a fatal diseases are now checked and eradicated.

Heavy life saving machines for radiation, detection of cancer or supplying artificial oxygen have been installed. New researchers like cloning, stem cell theory, curing infertility, preserving and donating organs, the DNA Test has changed man’s thinking.

Man has use science even for preserving its beauty like the cosmetic surgery and many external creams.

In the economic sphere too man developed heavy industries and subsequently his commerce flourished. A new world economic order is in sight that ensures globalization, expansion and liberalization among the nations. Economy is now termed as ‘World economy’.

Man has not only been able to explore the universe by sending manned and unmanned spacecraft to the Moon and Mars but his missions like Chandrayan and Mangalyan has firmed the belief that days are not far when he will have colonies on Moon and Mars. Tourism in space has already been in progress.

Oh! Science has achieved much and ‘it has promises to go’ to achieve much more, more and more and more ---------- But at what cost? The invention of nuclear fusion and fission revolutionized the scientific world and gave the world the most deadly atom and hydrogen bombs. The laser beam technique developed laser weapons with high power intensities. Man is standing at a technological threshold, probably as significant as the time the first gun was invented. The door is open for a whole new sphere in warfare, the implication of such warfare can be staggering.

Destructive weapons were made right before the beginning of First World War leading to the invention of atom bombs by Einstein in the Second World War and its destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing more than 30000 people at s stroke. Man had not come out of this shock. The world was divided into two groups and the threat of Cold War began, nations continued producing deadly weapons. The chemical and biological weapons were made for mass killing. The chemical killing in Syria and the plague of 1994 was generically engineered. These invention led to mass killing. Inventions may have consciously or unconsciously developed new viruses that could annihilate the world. Terrorists take advantage of satellite communication and information technology that can lead to unprecedented deaths and ruinations.

The huge amount of money that is spent on these dangerous researches could have been spent on developing technologies for new resources, improving human health, raising agricultural productivity, controlling production, eradicating poverty and improving education.

Science has endangered the life expectancy of man. Gamma rays can cure cancer but radiations at the cause of cancer. New invention like mobile is a boon but vibration from mobiles effect human heart, brain and can even make a man impotent. The silver nitro oxide on the recharge card can cause cancer. Life has become too small as compared to our ancestors.

Rapid, unplanned and indiscriminate industrialization has led to deforestation, pollution, trapping of the green house gases leading to the development of black hole in the ozone layer.

No doubt science and technology has made great strides in recent times but it has dehumanized human life. There has been an erosion in man’s faith in God and religion. Morality and ethics have been marginalized. Materialism has stepped in. Man’s life has become monotonous and routine. He is full of stress, hypertension, fear and a host of diseases surrounds him. ‘He has no time to stand and stare’. The positive beauty of his life has diminished and still diminishing.

The Robot technology has been able to ameliorate his lot but this technology will replace him and make him a puppet in near future.

Human values has been pushed in the background. Man has became selfish, cruel, brutal and destructive ‘Man falls from the pursuit of the ideas of plain living and high thinking the moment he wants to multiply’ - Mahatma Gandhi

The story of son, father and grandfather, where the grandfather stands spine straight because of his contemporary environment which was changed by science during father’s time who has a bend in his spine and subsequently leading to a stop in the son’s spine because of the present scenario is apt to explain that science has created a lot of problems that it has provided solution.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining. Science in itself is neither a savior nor a destroyer. It is purely science. It is up to man, how he uses it and so, let us hope that peace prevails and science is used for the benefit of mankind.

Ms. Renu M. Dhotre


Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents have always played a vital role in nurturing children. Society changed, so joint family degenerated giving rise to nuclear family. Parents became busy in their work schedule. Thus grandparents played a major role in filling the void between parents and children. The management and the Principal of M.P. Shah English High School deemed their responsibility to sensitize their students and appreciate this rich treasure of love showered by their grandparents.

To strengthen this bond, the Interact club of M.P. Shah English High School organised an Interhouse Drama competition to celebrate the grandparent’s day in the school. Dramas like ‘Man v/s Destiny’,

‘Abhinandan’, ‘Office ne jhol jhal ma’, ‘EMI’ were the highlights. The unique part of this competition was that they were house wise and in languages like English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi respectively. The dramas presented the current happenings in the life of a common man. Grandparents were very happy. A light snack was provided to them before the commencement of the programme.

Students were awarded trophies and certificate by the Principal Madam Kalpana Adhiya. Yellow house’s drama ‘Man v/s Destiny’ won the 1st prize which was based on an invalid girl child , followed by blue house’s drama ‘Abhinandan’ which was based on pressures that a student has to face living upto the expectations of parents . The best actors like Shubham Sahu, Dhruv Sheth and Parth Ravariya were given certificates. The event concluded with a vote of thanks. Before the vote of thanks, grandparents sang some shlokas and participated in the event.

The emotionally charged parents showered their blessings and took along with them fond memories that will live with them forever.

Ms. Renu Dhotre


Report on Tour to Beautiful Bangalore and Majestic Mysore “Sometimes a break from the routine is the very thing you need”

A break from the routine work is very much essential to freshen oneself from the boring set pattern of life. Change of place, environment and weather brings about new vigour and helps in facing a new task in a challenging manner. The burden lifts, tension is released and a new mood takes over. To bring about this much needed change, our school … M.P. Shah English High School went on a six day tour to the garden city of Bangalore and Mysore.

The teachers and the children assembled in the school on the 24th October’13 at 5.30 a.m... From here we boarded a bus to CST station and took the train Udyanchal Express to Bangalore. It was a three-tier Ac coach in which the children were comfortably accommodated on their seats.

The train journey was enthralling as the children took a look at the lovely scenery outside and engaged themselves in different games like antakshari and dumb charades. Packed lunch and dinner was served in the train. The train reached Bangalore next day morning and after alighting the children were served breakfast.

Then we checked in Hotel Canary Sapphire where the children were allotted their rooms. After freshening up the children had a sumptuous lunch which was a blend of a perfect four course meal. After lunch the children proceeded for sightseeing of the beautiful Bangalore city.

First we visited the Vishveshwaraya Science Museum which is a wonderland of information about the marvels of science. The museum has several rooms, each devoted to one discipline of technology. From there we visited the Iskcon Temple.

After returning from the Iskcon temple, at dinner time, our madam Mrs. Kalpana Adhiya held a quiz game which was filled with fun and excitement. The children were eager to answer the questions asked by Madam.

Next day morning, after having breakfast we made a start of the day by visiting the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens which houses India's largest collection of tropical plants, has an aquarium and a lake and has a famous glass house which hosts an annual flower show.

From here we proceeded towards the Majestic Mysore. Here we checked in the Hotel Golden Landmark which is a perfect rendezvous for holiday markers as it represents the charm of the old and fulfills the demanding needs of the present.

After Lunch visited the Chamunda Hills to take blessings from Goddess Chamundeshwari. . A panoramic view of the city is seen from the top of the hills. On the way back, had a wonderful glimpse of the ‘Nandi’ bull which is one of the oldest icon of Mysore and third largest in India.

Next day morning after having a wonderful breakfast we proceeded towards the Mysore Zoo which is one of the oldest zoos in the world and houses a wide range of species of animals and birds, ranging from the world’s smallest monkey to the tallest animal... Giraffe. It is a very well maintained zoo housing about ten elephants, and five green anacondas, contributed by Colombo Zoo. It also has, zebras, kangaroos, lions, tigers, rhinoceroses, and baboons. The Mysore zoo has collaboration with other leading zoos in the world for a friendly exchange of animals for purpose of conservation breeding.

On the way back from the zoo, we visited the St. Philomena Church, which is one of the largest churches in the country. It has been built in the Gothic Style with beautiful stain glass windows and lofty towers.

After lunch, we proceeded to visit the famous Mysore palace. The architectural style of the palace is showcases Indo-Saracenic, and blends together Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles of architecture.

After having a lovely Chinese cuisine dinner at night, the children danced their feet to the rhythm of the DJ night.

Next day morning after breakfast we proceeded towards the sandalwood factory and the silk factory and the Rail Museum. The Mysore Silk Factory is the best place to shop for Mysore silk, given that the exclusive fabric is made at this very place and thus comes at its cheapest. Sandalwood and Mysore has an inseparable connection. The abundance of sandalwood in Mysore in fact led to the creation of a Government Sandalwood Oil factory around 100 years back by the ruling Maharaja of Mysore. The Rail Museum has an outdoor exhibit of vintage locomotives. It has locomotives and a gallery of photographs and paintings depicting the growth of railways in India. Railway signals and lights are also displayed. The museum has a battery-operated mini-train giving a short ride for children on the grounds.

In the evening we moved towards the Brindavan Gardens which are laid out below the Krishnaraja Sagar dam built across the river Cauvery. These gardens are famous for the illuminated dancing fountains that come to life after sunset.

On the 29th, we proceeded towards Bangalore, visiting the Tipu Summer Palace on the way. The structure has been built entirely with Teak Wood and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. It is an example of Indo-Islamic architecture.

Next after a feasty lunch at Mc Donald’s restaurant we visited the HAL… i.e. the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. HAL Aerospace Museum is India's first aerospace museum located at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises, in Bangalore. Established in 2001, the Museum is part of the HAL Heritage Centre and Aero Space Museum, and showcases the growth of the Indian aviation industry and HAL for six decades. The museum houses displays of various aircraft and helicopters, Aircraft engine models, Flight simulators, a mock Air Traffic Control Tower and exhibit of Indian aviation history.

From the HAL museum we proceeded towards the Bangalore railway station to board the train back to Mumbai. As the train arrived on the platform, all were glum. Soon everybody would be reaching home and would miss all the fun, all the DJ parties, all the antakshari, all the games, the quiz held by Madam every night, and all the wonderful sightseeing and travelling. Everything would go back to routine. The days spent here just flew by. It was a very interesting, exciting and knowledgeable experience for all….the children as well as the teachers.

As a famous quote goes, “Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The Mind can never break off from a journey.” I am grateful to M.P. Shah English High School for giving me this opportunity to visit Bangalore – Mysore and memories that will be cherished forever.

----- Shital Bhuta

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