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Science Lab

Sports Ground

We ensure that our students get the best facilities which are important to bring ease in learning. All the facilities, available at M. P. Shah English High School, meet high standards.

Classrooms - All our classrooms are spacious and airy. We ensure that the process of assimilating knowledge works seamlessly. For this very purpose, we have designed our classrooms to be comfortable and complementary to our learning methods.

Computer Lab - A state of the art computer lab furnished with the most up-to-date hardware and software is available to every child, along with supervised internet connectivity.

Science Lab – Science lab provides opportunity to our students to develop their skills. New techniques and interactive sessions help students to grow laterally.

Smart Room and A.V Room – Power Point presentation and educational software add to better assimilation of topics. Modern techniques makes learning more meaningful.

Playground – Sports play a vital role in students’ development. It makes them active and disciplined. We encourage students to make effective use of playground karate, cricket, volleyball, football, badminton, etc…

Auditorium – Performing arts is an integral part of the curriculum. To ensure an overall development of students, we provide opportunities to the students to perform and display their skills in various arts such as music, dance, drama, speech, debate, etc…

Library - An open access library provides opportunity for reading, reference and research. Students get an opportunity to choose the books of his/her interest

Pre Primary

At this stage, young children develop their cognitive and motor skills. The students' curiosity and imagination is sparked by exposing them to a new world of learning.

Classrooms – The Pre Primary sections has bright, colourful and spacious classrooms on the ground floor. The wall and class boards are beautifully decorated with colourful painting pertaining to the topics and are changed regularly.

Garden area – Children enjoy the see-saw, slide and swing in the garden area.

Swimming Pool – The toddlers love to get wet in our baby swimming pool. They are set for some gentle splash.

Pre-primary Hall – Students enjoy various fun activities such as Free Play, Reading, Puppet show, etc..

Canteen – Children enjoy delicious, home-made food.

Principal's Message

Kalpana Adhiya

Life is a learning process. The trials and triumphs of life can only make us stronger and motivate us to achieve our goals. It is in this spirit that we are committed to a continuous process of improvement.

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Admission Process

Admission To The School

As a Parent, if you want to develop your child via right educational process, we would welcome as an effective citizen of our country to join us in building our Nation's most important and prominent student resource.

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Student Life

Student Life is the first study

Student Life is the first study that uses passive and automatic sensing data from the phones of a class of 48 Dartmouth students over a 10 week term to assess their mental health (e.g., depression, loneliness, stress),

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