Life is a learning process. The trials and triumphs of life can only make us stronger and motivate us to achieve our goals. It is in this spirit that we are committed to a continuous process of improvement.

In this fast changing global scenario we have to keep ourselves abreast with the latest information available. No institution can afford to be stagnant or complacent. Like water we have to flow continuously ever fresh and sparkling

We are committed to realizing our vision and goals. To achieve this we have brought innovations in the process of education. We have introduced modern learning technology with expertise. Henceforth this will be a continuous process of change for better learning.

We inculcate the habit of reading, learning various fine arts, having excursion and nature tours for experiential learning.

We want our students to shine out in academics and all other fields so as to develop an all round personality and live with self esteem.

To achieve these things one has to have dedication, hard work, discipline, commitment and integrity.

I appeal to teachers and parents to work together for the betterment of our children.

I wish you all a fruitful academic year ahead enriched with enhanced learning.

Mrs. Meena Divatiapic1
Bhagini Seva Mandir Kumarika Stree Mandal


From the Principal's Desk ---------------

It is dream of every parent to bring up their children in the best possible manner but only a select few are able to achieve this in the true sense. It would be my endeavour to assure that we make these dreams a reality. Today, modern day compulsions are taking us away from the basic moorings of the child. We at M. P. Shah English High School provide an environment, facilities and a trained staff to identify the latent preferences of each child. Thereafter each child is encouraged and guided to charter the course for the challenges ahead.

We celebrate the achievements of our students who participated at inter school level, excelled and brought laurels to the school. This is also the time for the years gone by to give us lessons learnt, to enable us to strive for pursuit of excellence with enthusiasm and zeal we embark upon the current academic year with definite goals in sight and milestones to achieve.
I compliment my editorial staff for their unstinted hardwork and dedication towards publication of this edition. I am confident that our esteemed parents and beloved children would enjoy reading this edition as much if not more we have enjoyed in putting it together. With best wishes.

God bless.

Mrs. Kalpana K. Adhiya
M. P. Shah English High School